The Pass of all Passes: Best Deal

Pass of all Passes

Best Deal for the Pass of all Passes

We’ve gotten quite a few emails asking about the best way to get a Pass of all Passes. If  your pass is about to expire and you want another one don’t let it expire it will cost you more to renew. Here are the current best deals for new and renewals.



In addition to the unlimited Seven Peaks water park admission, the pass includes admission to various Utah events and activities Real Salt Lake Real Games, Rocky Mountain Raceway events, Salt Lake Bees Games, Tracy Aviary, Hollywood Connection, SCERA Theater and much more. Passes are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Option #1 -

Pay $40 for one Utah Pass of All Passes (includes unlimited tube rental) for one person (a $69.99 value) or, Pay $30 for one Utah Pass of All Passes without tube rental.

Click here for the Groupon Details>>

Option #2 –

Pay $29.99 for one Utah Pass of all Passes. at Seven Peaks (does not include tube rental).

Or renew your existing pass for $19.99.

Click here for details>>

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52 Responses

  1. I apologize if this has already been asked. We have passes but they are now expired (they expired about six months ago). Can we just do renewals or do we have to purchase like new card holders?

  2. I bought the pass of all passes last year with unlimited tube rental when I renew the passes do I still get that ?

    • No, renewals don’t get unlimited tube rental. If you go often, you may want to just purchase the Groupon deal and pay the additional amount.

  3. which renewal option includes unlimited tube rental? it’s unclear to me.

    • The $40 Groupon option is the only one that includes tube rental.

  4. LC

    I purchased two passes for Christmas gifts, but it did not ask for names and DOB when purchasing. How do I get the passes put into the names of the recipients?

    • LC, You should receive an email from Living Social on how to redeem your passes. Living Social issues the voucher, however, the actual passes will be issued by Seven Peak’s and it should state in your email from Living Social how to contact Seven Peak’s and receive those passes.

      • Lee

        I think I am blind, I have looked all over and can not find where the tube rental is included… we have current passes so we are renewing. So can you tell me what site includes tube rentals for renewing passes? Thanks!

  5. I bought a pass of all passes on Groupon last year. Can I renew my pass even if it wasn’t technically through Seven Peaks?

    • Yes, you can still use the renewal option. Just make sure to purchase it before your pass expires.

  6. How long will it take to get here after I order it? And does it last 1 year or 90 days?

    • c4u

      You will get a confirmation email immediately after ordering with instructions on how to redeem. The pass is good for one year. The last information I got from Seven Peaks was that your receipt serves as you pass until the card comes. Also, I believe that you can get it immediatly at the Seven Peaks Fun Centers. You may want to call Seven Peaks at 801-375-3650 to make sure on that though.

  7. savannah pitt

    How do I get the renewal pass for 19.99?

    • savannah, i went to the office in salt lake the one on 1700s to renew it and they did it for 19.99 each!

  8. Jodi

    So it says it expires on 05/09. Does that mean we can still get the deal on that day or do we have to get it today on 05/08?

    • c4u

      Hi Jodi, The 15% code LOCAL15 will expire tomorrow on 5/9 at 10 pm. The offer for the pass is while supplies last and can end at anytime.

  9. matt

    Is this pass only for one person or is it like a family deal pack

    • One person. They don’t have a family pass. Good idea though!

  10. Can i redeem these in person ,bought in december don’t have a computer that works.where and how can i redeem bathing pair’s in person ??

    • c4u

      The last time I checked with 7 Peaks, they told me the printed voucher would serve as your pass until you got your official pass. However, If you ordered in December and you redeemed online at that time and still don’t have your pass, something is wrong. I would recommend you contact 7 Peaks. Your pass expires one year from the date the actual card is sent out.


    I was one of the lucky ones who jumped on this as soon as it posted to Facebook since I had “liked” Citydeals FB page. I was able to get 5 passes and they mailed them to me. They are legit passes and I have already used them both in SL county and UT county venues. Many of my son’s friends have the passes but some of the others did not and they wondered how to get them for the price I did but I told them it was a limited offer. I am surprised I was actually one of the lucky ones this time.

    • c4u

      I’m so glad you are enjoying your passes. I’ve begged, pleaded and yes, even tried bribing them for more. But, no go. :(

  12. Mani

    Aw man went out of stock while it was running my card!!! I wish I would have seen it 5 minutes earlier.

    • Melissa

      Mine too. I think it is a complete and total rip off that while it runs your card it sells out! I called and complained to city deals. That is just not right. If it is in your cart and you are entering purchase information, they need to honor the deal.

      But, with my history of City Deals, I should have expected it.

      I know I can turn around and buy the $30 deal but sadly, I don’t have $30 per pass to spend and will probably never use $20 in free certificates to City Deals anyway.

  13. You are so awesome!!! Thanks so much for posting this. :)

    • c4u

      You are so welcome Penelope. Have lots of fun this summer. :)

  14. Mari

    So I just bought these, and the website was REALLY slow, and then I never got a confirmation number at the end. And when I try to login to the system it says it doesn’t know what I am. But they took the money out of my account so I assumed it worked? I thought I was going to print off the passes, but it said they were going to mail them to me. Did anyone else experience this?

    • Souza

      Yes Mari, the same thing happened to me. I’m a bit worried that it might not have gone through. I hope it did.

      • liza

        I am having issues also, getting an error about the gateway not found, this time. last time just no confirmation #

        • Heather

          I had a ton of trouble last night. It was so slow and I got several different errors with no confirmation that the transaction worked. After over an hour I gave up. Tried again this morning and it went through perfectly in 30 sec with a confirmation.

    • Vicki

      Mari-The exact same thing happened to me. I sent them an email 2 weeks ago and they still have not contacted me. I’ve been waiting for my vouchers for over a month now. Of course, phoning doesn’t work, as I just get their automated message. I am not confident they will fix this, yet they have my $60!

  15. Shay

    My order wont process! Is this deal over,Help!

    • c4u

      I think they are having traffic issues. Here’s what’s on their Facebook page.

      Hey Y’all! We understand that a few of you have been experiencing a few problems while attempting to make purchases today. This issue is due to site traffic being much higher than usual. If you are unable to complete a purchase please send us an email explaining the error you are receiving to We will then reach out to you first thing tomorrow. In the meantime you may attempt to place your order through a seperate browser or computer. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!

  16. Amber

    sad….I can’t actual get through to process my order :(

  17. Q

    I bought mine for 29.95 but I a haven’t redeemed them because my current ones are not expired yet. Can I get a refund for these and then purchase these?


    • c4u

      I don’t know what they are doing about that. You’ll want to contact City Deals directly.

  18. Alicia

    Ok so I will have a baby in May and my son will be two in may is this something I should get for my husband or I to take my two year old? Mostly thinking of trafalga and seven peaks.

  19. amber m.

    and is this to one trip to seven peaks are for unlimited trips?

  20. amber m.

    Wow i got this deal but the lift tickets say this last year dates i am concered about that i also had a 10 credit so i got four for 30 dollars alsome i am just concered about the dates on some of the stuff is it not good for next year?

    • c4u

      Hi Amber, I’ve got a call in on the Skiing. They’re going to let me know if there is skiing for 2013. I’d go with the dates that are given in the print and assume that the skiing is over.

  21. Amber

    Does anyone know if this is for both Salt Lake and Utah counties, or if it is specific?

    • Tracey

      Yes I have these and they are for both locations now

    • c4u

      Sorry Amber, I had to run out for a minute. Yes, the pass is for both locations and more. You can see a list of all that it covers on the site.

  22. lesley


  23. Ariel Powell

    Oh thank you thank you thank you. I was soo upset I missed this the first time.

  24. Bobby Z

    Is this an april fool gig or what??

    • c4u

      It’s not a joke. I honestly don’t know if it’s a special for the day or when it will end.

  25. Nimmy


    Thanks a lot for posting this awesome deal. I tried to go the citydeals website and search for this offer. But it cant be found. The only way I can see this offer is through the link you’ve posted. Do u have any idea why that is..Please do let me know.

    • c4u

      It’s a special link. I honestly don’t know if it’s a special for the day or when it will end.

  26. LolaT

    I wasn’t going to get these this year either, but I succumbed. Is there still a $20.00 CityDeals gift certificate with this?

    • Renee Jones

      I asked citydeal on their fb page and it is actually a deal, but they informed me that the $20.00 giftcard is not for the 9.99. It is for the 29.95 deal. The 2 deals are the same. I had to confirm with them because it seemed like a good to be true deal.

  27. Oh my gosh! I wasn’t going to buy one again this year but for that price, it’s cheaper than taking my toddler to our community pool! My two year old thanks you for the fun we will be having this summer. :)

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