The Pass of all Passes: Best Deal $13.50

seven peaksNeed a new Pass off all Passes here are the best current available offers going on for it! There are several options and sources that include the pass only, season tube rental and a season parking pass. 

Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes only $14.99 via, Even better, enter the promo code VDAY10 to drop the price of ANY item on C4Udeals by 10%!  That makes the pass only $13.50.

 Price includes one pass with access to 20+ venues all over Utah for a year that include Seven Peaks, The Haunted Attic at Seven Peaks, The North Pole at Seven Peaks, BYU, U of U, Real Salt Lake, Rocky Mountain Raceways, Tracy Aviary, Utah Grizzlies and more!

Seven Peaks Parking and Tube Rental Passes

And, if you haven't yet, these Season Passes for Parking and Tube rental via are almost sold out for the summer. Make sure to grab them if you need them.

Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes WITH Season Tube rental $27.00 (after code VDAY10)
Seven Peaks Pass of all Passes with $15 Arcade Card $27.00 (after code VDAY10)
Seven Peaks Season Parking Pass only $13.50 (after code VDAY10)
Seven Peaks Season Tube Rental only $9.00 (after code VDAY10)

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.21.01 AM

Seven Peaks is also running a giveaway right now. Entry for this giveaway ends on February 13 and there will be two winners. 

First Prize: $300 Gift Cart to Seven Peaks
Second Prize: $100 Gift Cart to Seven Peaks

Those would come in handy to use with your pass this year!! You can head on over to this link and fill out the form for your chance to win. Note that by entering this giveaway you will be automatically signed up for newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Go to the Pass of all Passes Deal >>
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49 Responses

  1. I was in the middle of placing an order for 4 passes with tubes, parking and concessions when my order wouldn't process through. It's still the 27th... what am i doing wrong?
    • Coupons4Utah
      The website has been extremely busy. You might try switching your browser and clearing you cookies. If that doesn't work please contact me through the contact page and I'll get someone to take your order personally.
    • Coupons4Utah
      Hi Kari, The website is extremely busy. Please email me and I'll get someone to help you.
  2. I cannot get this to work. We really wanted to purchase this today for our family of 9.
    • Coupons4Utah
      Hi Nancy. The website is slammed with traffic. The code is valid all way through the weekend, if you can't get through later, please email me and I'll get someone to help you personally.
  3. Jen
    I am trying to buy 6 passes with the promo code, but it is not processing my order. Any ideas what might be wrong?
    • I'm having the same issue! When I try to submit an order, I get an error message.
      • I am having the same problem, did any of you get it to process?
        • I can't get it to process either. What is wrong?
  4. This may be a dumb question, but is this $14.99 package for only seven peaks? or is this the whole pass of all passes purchase? I would assume there would be more info on what else is specifically included if this were more than just seven peaks pass...
  5. I can't find the $14.99 pass on your website, any idea why?
    • Coupons4Utah
      This is the link. Use the pull down menu to select the pass of your choice. The first one is the $14.99 pass.
  6. I am having trouble using the BF20 code. Anyone else having trouble with this?
    • Actually I was on the wrong website. I was on Groupon... but now I can't seem to find the $14.99 pass on your website?
      • Coupons4Utah
        Here's the link:
  7. Hi, I'm wondering how you can tell if your pass of all passes is expired without actually having to go to a location?
    • On their website you're able to enter in your bar code and zip code and it will list all active passes on your account. The webpage is
    • There is a redemption link on the seven peaks site, that allows you to put in your ID number and it will show your expiration dates :)
  8. Is the Pass of All Passes renewal still available? I only see the original pass option? But i have passes just need to renew? Thanks!
    • No, unfortunately they stopped offering that option.
    • I just called the seven peaks phone number and they are still offering renewals for $20, just not online. I was able to renew over the phone, or they said I could go into a fun center and do it there. HTH!
  9. Any idea if there will be a discounted parking pass or tube pass option? We've already renewed our passes for our family, just want to add tubes and parking!
    • Tom
      Yes, there is discounts for renewing tubes and parking. Renewals cost the following: $10 per tube $15 per parking Hope this helps.
  10. Any thoughts or feelings on whether the Pass of All Passes with have any deals better than the $19.99 renewal amount they are now offering? Maybe add a discounted tube or parking?
    • Coupons4Utah
      I think the Living Social Deal is the lowest it will probably go. You never know though.
  11. I apologize if this has already been asked. We have passes but they are now expired (they expired about six months ago). Can we just do renewals or do we have to purchase like new card holders?
    • Coupons4Utah
      According to Seven Peaks, you have to renew them before they expire.
      • It keeps telling me there is an error when trying to use my card
  12. I bought the pass of all passes last year with unlimited tube rental when I renew the passes do I still get that ?
    • No, renewals don't get unlimited tube rental. If you go often, you may want to just purchase the Groupon deal and pay the additional amount.
  13. which renewal option includes unlimited tube rental? it's unclear to me.
    • The $40 Groupon option is the only one that includes tube rental.
  14. LC
    I purchased two passes for Christmas gifts, but it did not ask for names and DOB when purchasing. How do I get the passes put into the names of the recipients?
    • LC, You should receive an email from Living Social on how to redeem your passes. Living Social issues the voucher, however, the actual passes will be issued by Seven Peak's and it should state in your email from Living Social how to contact Seven Peak's and receive those passes.
      • Lee
        I think I am blind, I have looked all over and can not find where the tube rental is included... we have current passes so we are renewing. So can you tell me what site includes tube rentals for renewing passes? Thanks!
  15. I bought a pass of all passes on Groupon last year. Can I renew my pass even if it wasn't technically through Seven Peaks?
    • Yes, you can still use the renewal option. Just make sure to purchase it before your pass expires.
  16. How long will it take to get here after I order it? And does it last 1 year or 90 days?
    • c4u
      You will get a confirmation email immediately after ordering with instructions on how to redeem. The pass is good for one year. The last information I got from Seven Peaks was that your receipt serves as you pass until the card comes. Also, I believe that you can get it immediatly at the Seven Peaks Fun Centers. You may want to call Seven Peaks at 801-375-3650 to make sure on that though.
  17. savannah pitt
    How do I get the renewal pass for 19.99?
    • savannah, i went to the office in salt lake the one on 1700s to renew it and they did it for 19.99 each!
  18. Jodi
    So it says it expires on 05/09. Does that mean we can still get the deal on that day or do we have to get it today on 05/08?
    • c4u
      Hi Jodi, The 15% code LOCAL15 will expire tomorrow on 5/9 at 10 pm. The offer for the pass is while supplies last and can end at anytime.
  19. matt
    Is this pass only for one person or is it like a family deal pack
    • One person. They don't have a family pass. Good idea though!
  20. Ariel Powell
    Oh thank you thank you thank you. I was soo upset I missed this the first time.
  21. Oh my gosh! I wasn't going to buy one again this year but for that price, it's cheaper than taking my toddler to our community pool! My two year old thanks you for the fun we will be having this summer. :)
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