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Utah Lagoon Coupons and Deals

Lagoon Coupons, Discounts and more savings for 2016

A lot of folks are already looking for Lagoon coupon this spring! Have you been on the new Cannibal? Contrary to popular thought there are Lagoon Coupons and Discounts, you just need to know where to look.

Each year we keep this post updated throughout the 2016 season as we spot the discounts. You can find a link for it under the "Entertainment" tab at the top of the page or bookmark, pin or share it.

Current Coupon offer: May 28-May 30. Use their Funtime Club coupon to save on passes. (2 - 3  passes for $48.95, 4 - 5 passes for $43.00 or 6-12 for $39.00). To get the discount, you must take along the coupon or enter the special code when purchasing online.

The Best Ways to Save Money at Lagoon Amusement Park

If you haven't yet, Join the Fun Time Club  we highly suggest that you join the Lagoon email list. Fun Time Club members get special savings promo codes and offers throughout the entire season.


Take your own food. Lagoon does allow outside food and beverages in the Park. No glass containers are allowed, alcohol is allowed but cannot be left untended in the park. Click here for the full list of rules regarding food in Lagoon.

Taking your own cooler is one of the easiest ways to save when visiting. As I write this (7/13/2015), this HIGHLY reviewed Igloo 60 Quart Roller Cooler is reduced in price to $24.99 via Walmart.com. And, it's available for same day free in-store pick-up at most stores.


We also enjoyed setting up our Sports Brella on the lawn for shade, a meeting place and resting spot. (Currently $35.99 in Red via Amazon)

See the Sports Brella Details>>>

See the details on the cooler>>

Rides at Lagoon Utah

Take a Zip bag for your cell phone. Even if you don't plan to go to Lagoona Beach, there are several rides at lagoon where you may get wet. This inexpensive easy to carry item will save you the worry of a soggy phone.

Waterproof Cellphone Case

If you're the kind of person that finds yourself at watery summer fun spots, you might consider grabbing the Waterproof Case, 2 Pack Ace Teah Clear Transparent Universal Waterproof Case for iPhone 6S Plus 5S, Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 5 Nexus 6p 5x - Black, White I've found mine to be useful on various trips to the waterpark as well as on a recent cruise. It also has a handy clip to keep it from getting lost.

See the details on the Cell Phone Dry Case here>>

Lagoon Coupons
Stores that are known to have Lagoon Discounted Passes

#1 - Costco: Be on watch at Costco. Passes can usually be found in the center of the store for $46.99, saving you $7.00 off an adult pass. Call ahead before making the trip. They are limited but, my Costco did say they would have them all the way through Frightmares.

More Lagoon Coupons to Watch For

Coke Can

#4 - Coke Can: - This one is an oldie, but a goody, present a Coca Cola can and SAVE $7.00 on a Regular Single Day Passport. To get the additional savings you MUST make your purchase before 12 noon. One can is valid for up to six (6) people. This offer is NOT valid on Saturdays or with any other discount.

#5 - Military: -  Military members and their Families, can get a discount saving as much as $16.95 off admission passports. To get the savings you MUST take along this coupon. Active military personal will pay $39 for a passport and accompanying family members will pay $46.95. Military ID is required.

Media Lagoon Discounts

NOTE: Listed below are traditional offers we have seen for Lagoon through various media outlets. None have been verified for the 2016 season. We'll update as they become available.

TBA  for 2016: #6 - KSL Radio typically offers Tuesdays, guests that are 65 a special KSL Golden Lagoon ticket.

TBA for 2016: #7 - Fox13 is known to offer a date night deal. You'll pay $49.95 for TWO regular single day passports on any Friday or Saturday after 5 pm. 

TBA for 2016: #8 - Lagoon traditionally offers KUTV viewer appreciation Day and other various businesses special pricing during select dates sometime around the 3rd weekend of August. 

#9 - Season Pass: Lagoon offers special sales on season passes in the Spring and Fall. They are also known to reduce the price of a season pass during the Christmas holiday. Season pass holders get special fun offers throughout the year. Check their Facebook page for details.

Follow Lagoon on Social Media For Special Savings

#10 - Follow Lagoon on Facebook. They are known to offer various coupons and some fun giveaways on Facebook.

#11 - Follow the Lagoon Twitter page too.  A lot of companies giveaway passes to Lagoon and, they usually will post a giveaway announcement on Lagoon's Twitter page. You might also want to follow Coupons4Utah on Twitter, we often re-tweet company giveaways as well.

#12 - Follow Lagoon on Instagram. They are posting great photos of rides and are sure to have various promotions throughout the year.

Don't forget to check with your Employer, School, Credit Union and Local City Hall, they might have passes for you that you hadn't heard about.

Also, Farmington residents receive a discount on a Regular Single Day Passport. The price is $42.95 plus tax with proof of residency (Driver’s License or utility bill), saving you $7.00 off the regular price.

Plus, remember to watch for Bounce Back validation. a Bounce Back coupon can traditionally be used within 10 days for a $15.00 passport fee. The Bounce Back coupon is non-transferable and some date restrictions apply.

Riding Cannibal

Cannibal at Lagoon Utah

This world setting roller coaster is currently a big draw at Lagoon and can boast some pretty lengthy lines. If the line starts at the Catapult, plan on about a 40 to 50 minute wait. There is a wheelchair accessible line at the bottom of the ramp on the right near the beginning of the ride.

The Singles line: There is also a singles line off to the left that starts nearly at the ride entrance. While the line looks to be much shorter, I'd suggest caution when going through this line. Each person in the single line must wait until just one seat is open in a row. Each row seats 4 and there are only 12 in a car, so, you are basically waiting for groups of 3. You won't be allowed on the ride until an empty seat comes up. That can be a significantly  longer wait than the regular line. There was a "group" of "6 single riders" we passed, that told me they had been waiting 1:15 minutes. There were only about 30 in the line. They were still waiting when we got off. Since these 6 were all together they could have waited in the regular line and gotten on MUCH faster and riddin together! That's all I have to say about that. 🙂

canibal will eat your cell phone

Your Cell Phone: Lagoon will HIGHLY recommend you leave all loose articles in a locker just before the ramp to the ride. There's also a second chance to leave them in unlocked tubs that are manned by Lagoon employees. If you don't mind leaving your phone in the unlocked tubs, you'll have a much shorter walk to pick them back up.

I would not ignore this warning. The lap bar is actually positioned right on your front pocket and depending on how deep your pockets are, it can squeeze your phone up and then out (yes, I did put this to the test with a sunscreen I keep in my pocket, it will). A Lagoon employee told me they pick up about 100 phones each morning. They will not retrieve any lost articles for you that day. You'll have to wait until the next day, then pick it up in the lost a found.

Check out this Video here for a sample of what it's like to ride Cannibal>>

Lagoon Admission Regular Cost:

  • $53.95: Regular admission 48 inches and above
  • $47.95: Senior Citizen 65+
  • $38.50: Youth under 48 inches

Kids 2 and under can enter the park and Lagoon -a-Beach free. However, in order to ride on the rides a passport is required. You can purchase individual ride tickets for 2 for $1.00. The ticket requirement for rides are 4 -10 tickets per ride. Lagoon does allow outside food and drinks in the park. Tax is charged on all admission passes.

If you find any others, please let us and our readers know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

Yep.. I gotta say it. "Have Fun!"

Note that Coupons4Utah is not affiliated with Lagoon. Specific questions about the park should be inquired directly from the Lagoon website or call 801-451-8000. This post is updated yearly and is a redirect from it's original posting on April 12, 2010. 

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22 Responses

  1. Season passes are only $114.99 if purchased prior to June 6th! Which pay for themselves if you go more than twice a year, but if you don't and are only looking to go once or twice a year, look for someone who has a credit union as most good credit unions will have them for sale all season for around $38 or the child price, for an adult! Enjoy and Have fun!!! (Posted May 14th, 2016)
  2. I just went to Costco today and they were NOT 39.99! Wish they were. As of today, they were 46.99. Not much of a discount.
    • AAA has them for $43.00/ticket
      • Coupons4Utah
        Great to know! Thanks
    • Coupons4Utah
      Sorry about that. The post hadn't been updated with 2016 pricing yet. Still saves $7.00 on adult passes at least.
  3. So, you need only MENTION KUTV at the gate between August 17-20? You don't need to be an employee of that organization?
    • Coupons4Utah
      Yes, according to the person I spoke with at Lagoon office that's right: just mention KUTV view appreciation on any of those days. I would suggest you call ahead and watch for the details on KUTV Facebook page incase of changes.
  4. Do you know if we can use a Coke can along with the discounts listed above, i.e., KUTV's offer?
    • No, all the coupons and offers are limited to one or the other.
      • Does this include tickets purchased at Costco? Can I buy the discount tickets from Costco and still use a Coke can at the gate? Thanks
        • Coupons4Utah
          No, the tickets at Costco are not gift cards. They are actual tickets. So, you wouldn't be able to combine them.
  5. Parking TIPS? I would suggest riding the free shuttle to/from Farmington Station! We thought we would try it before buying a $50 season parking pass...totally worth the savings! It's pretty simple & quick if you watch the schedule! Although, we've never stayed until closing or got there right at the opening of the park. Maybe the shuttle is busier at those times.
  6. I would like to get season passes to Lagoon with my kids. We just moved to the area. Where can I buy the unlimited pass, not the one day pass, but season pass?
    • Either at Lagoon, or on their website:)
  7. I have a wife that is wondering why would you half to pat full ticket price when you can only ride a handful of rides due to having back sugary 5 years ago a level 1 fusion of the back disk sh would just be able to only walk around and play games but not ride rides but still half to pay full price for the ticket to get in or do you guys offer a discount to those who want to come to the park with there family but can't ride the rides just a question .
    • Hey there Jon, Welcome to the stie. We aren't Lagoon we're an independent website that shares bargains and discounts all across the state. You would have to call them and see if there is a non-rider or handicapped rate. I don't think there is though. Here's the link to Lagoon's website and contact information. http://www.lagoonpark.com/park-info/
    • That could create a problem of reverse discrimination against the able-bodied. Would you like it if I, a person with a disability, got charged a lower price solely cause of disability? The only way your plan would work would be to charge a fee each and every time someone wanted to ride a ride. That was done decades ago. Nowadays, your admission fee is to enter the park, not to ride the ride. Most theme parks follow the same concept.
    • The last time i went, I paid a small price. Not too much and they gave me a wrist band to wear in case someone stopped me. Maybe you can ask if they are still doing that.
  8. Do they have a Firefighter/Police/Nurse discount day?
    • Not to my knowledge. But, you might be able to get a discount through your work. A lot of companies like that do get them.
  9. Please sign us up for promotions and discounts. We live in idaho
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