Best Deal Costco Membership (Final Cost $35 Plus, Lots of FREE Product Coupons!)

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Costco Membership Deal

Hurry on over to Living Social where you can get a bargain for a Costco Membership. This offer includes a one year Costco Gold Star membership as well as a $20 Costco Cash Card for $55.00. After considering the Cash Card that's a final cost of only $35.00!

Kirkland Batteries

You'll also get some exclusive Costco Coupons for 3 free Kirkland Signature products that include:
• AA Batteries 72-pack ($18.99 value)
• Food Court Pizza ($9.95 value)
• Organic Tortilla Chips ($4.99 value)

*Note that this offer is available to new Costco members only. You have until May 31, 2016 to use your voucher.

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3 Responses

  1. I agree with Ray and many others. Why can't we cancel our membership and start a new one with this deal? Rarely ever have promotions let alone it's only for new people that's messed up I csnt afford it anyway! Singned angry customer !
    • Coupons4Utah
      Hi Jeannette and Ray, Please keep in mind Coupons4Utah is just the messenger. The limitations were negotiated between Costco and Living Social and are out of our control. That would be something you would have to take up with Costco. Sorry :(
  2. Why not a DEAL of this nature to REMAIN a member? This makes me (who knows how many others) feel left out & overlooked. What incentives are there to continue membership that 'new members' are not getting for holding out so long? Incentives to remain, or continue longevity would be appreciated.
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